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A Fugitive in the Present.  A Runaway in the Past.

Eliza Carmody returns home to the country to work on the biggest legal case of her career. The only problem is this time she's on the 'wrong side' - defending a large corporation against a bushfire class action by her hometown of Kinsale.
On her first day back Eliza witnesses an old friend, Luke Tyrell, commit an act of lethal violence. As the police investigate the crime and hunt for Luke, they uncover bones at The Castle, a historic homestead in the district. Eliza is convinced that they belong to someone from her past.
As Eliza becomes more and more entangled in the investigation, she is pulled back into her memories of youthful friendships and begins to question everyone she knows...and everything she once thought was true.
Praise for Second Sight
Aoife Clifford is brilliant at showing how the past is a strong, pulsing stream that infects and directs the present. She's done it again with Second Sight a pacy, gripping thriller with thick ropes of regret, trauma, misunderstood love and misdirected duty slithering beneath. Emily Maguire, author of An Isolated Incident and Fishing for Tigers
Skilfully plotted and intricate, Second Sight is another engrossing read by one of our most talented crime writers. Aoife Clifford's second novel explores how the impact of decisions made decades ago can reverberate, to devastating effect, in the present. A story shaped by the ravages of bushfire, the secrets of a small town, and a returned local's search for redemption. Highly recommended. Anna George, author of The Lone Child and What Came Before
With its shifting viewpoints and sharply observed characters, Second Sight is a shrewdly paced account of a young litigation lawyer's investigation into a suspicious fire and her own troubled history. Garry Disher, author of Under the Cold Bright Lights and Bitter Wash Road.
With Second Sight, Aoife Clifford confirms herself as one of Australia's up-and-coming crime writers. A young lawyer's investigation into a lethal bushfire leads her into danger, and the truth about her own troubled past. A compelling story about secrets, small town loyalties, and lies.' Emma Viskic, author of Resurrection Bay and Fire Came Down