Words & Pictures

So much time writing is spent trying to conjure up convincing characters who the author can hear in the head and see in their mind's eye. You are breathing life into characters, occasionally trying desperately to rescusitate characters and because it is a crime novel, also bump some off.

One of the delights of having finished my book, is to allow other people to tell me what the characters are like to them. What I didn't expect was being lucky enough to actually see and hear my own characters.

Pen Sheppard, the narrator of my story, is the cover girl on the front of the book. She was the character I found the hardest to visualise because the story takes place through her eyes. Even though I knew the inside of her brain, at times her face was still hazy, but the instant I saw the book cover, I knew the designer saw her perfectly. 

This week, the lovely people at Bolinda and I chose the narrator for my audiobook. As a life long fan of audio, I know choice of narrator is crucial, particularly for a first person story, and I think we've found the perfect voice for Pen. Recording will start before Christmas. I can't wait.